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How to replace a water filter on the refrigerator.

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

We all know that it is better to take cool, clean water from our refrigerator. We want the ice cubes melting in our glass, but in the end we all have to change the filter in the refrigerator.

Failure to replace the water filter in the refrigerator can lead to the formation of bacteria, bad taste, and testes of the water.

Drinking this water can affect your well-being.

If you've never replaced the water filter in your refrigerator, it's best to call a refrigerator repairman.

It will cost $ 69 + filter cost and is an easy fix.

The place where the water filter is located is made of plastic and can be damaged quite easily.

The cost of repairs can cost us a lot more and cause damage to other parts of the refrigerator.

Follow The Step By Step Instructions.

1. The water filter is located in the upper right of your refrigerator interior or the front of the refrigerator base grille.

2. There are two ways to remove the filter depending on your refrigerator:

  • Turn the filter to the left and pull

  • Push on the eject button and pull out.

3. Open your new filter and remove the protective coverings.

4. When inserting the new filter into the filter housing, make sure the arrow is pointing to the left, then gently push in

5. Push the filter in until the eject button pops back out

6. Once your filter is replaced, run a gallon of water through the line to properly flush the new filter.

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